Crystal Ball Hematite Shamballa Inspired Bracelet 10mm - Red


$7.95 $29.95

Shamballa Inspired bracelet will make the perfect accessory for almost any occasion and a great gift for several people on your holiday list this year, as blue is considered almost a universally favorite color. These spiritual bracelets were believed to originate in the practices of Buddhism. They are best known for helping to promote tranquility, peace and enlightenment for the wearer. A bracelet was used often as a prayer tool to help a Buddhist monk reach a very deep state of meditation. Our unisex bracelet that is Inspired by Shamballa Jewels will help you along the way in your quest for finding inner peace. A perfect color choice for a piece of jewelry crafted in this style, light blue is known to promote tranquility, peace and relaxation. Our bracelet is accented with blue pave crystal beads and will add that extra pop of color to any outfit. The adjustable feature on this bead bracelet makes it an excellent gift for both men and women