Kensington MICROSAVER DESKTOP Computer Security Lock (64162A)



The Kensington Desktop Microsaver Universal Computer Key Lock and Cable Security System is an excellent way to deter theives and keep your valuable computer and electronic equipment under lock and key! The Microsaver features a strong 6 foot braided steel security cable perfect for daisy-chaining your equipment together and to an immovable anchor. Strong wrenching hammering and prying resistant domed plates firmly attach to your equipment via super-strength 750lb adheisive creating the perfect anchor points. A pin tumbler keyed lock allows easy key access to your hardware while maintaining the utmost security.
Kensington Edge: Cable and lock device to secure desktop computers and other valuable office hardware - plates attach to any item.
Strong, light, 6 foot steel cable daisy-chains and locks equipment together and to immoveable anchor.
Dome-shaped plates resist wrenching, hammering and prying with no raised portions which are vulnerable to physical attack.
Pin tumbler keyed lock
No need for manufacturer-installed plates - super-strength adhesive withstands up to 750 pounds of pull.