NEW LOT of 36 PCS Smart Trike Bicycle for Kids All in One (6-in-1) from Stage 1-6


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Condition NEW

Total of 36 PCS

Price $50 pr pcs

Total $1800

Packed 12 pr skid

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Smart Trike All in One is a one of a kind innovation, specially designed to meet the multi-functional needs of the child from a very early age. This modular product is used for home and outdoor use and consists of 6 stages. Initially the product starts as a rocker, proceeds to a push along and a push along ride on, then advances to an independent ride on and finally transforms to a scooter.

Stage 1 and 2 are ideal for when the baby can steadily sit thus creating a perfect rocker, the base features foldable floating wheels for indoor steering. The rocker base should remain with the base wheels to be used as a push along rocker featuring an activity tray for parent and baby convenience and a removable parent handle complete with a storage bag. Stage 1 and 2 suitable for 6 months plus.

To create stage 3, the rocking base can be removed and it turns into a ride on, use the parental handle to push the baby around. By using the special reclining seat it allows the baby to take a nap. Stage 3 suitable for 6 months plus.

Stage 4 remove the seat cover when the baby can sit independently for a push along ride on complete with unique, retractable stabilizers for extra safety and special bearing wheels for an easy ride. The quality seat cover is washable. Stage 4 suitable for 10 months plus.

Stage 5 is perfect once the child is completely confident with moving around, the parental handle, safety arch and special seat can all be removed. The product is now ready to function as an independent ride on. Stage 5 suitable for 14 months plus. Stage 6 can be completed when the child is at a walking stage, remove the ride on seat and the product turns into a stylish scooter with anti-skid wheels. Stage 6 stable 4 wheeled scooter is suitable for 24 months plus.
• 1 x Rocking base made up of 4 plastic sections
•4 x fold-away wheels
•1 x Parent control handle
•1 x Padded soft seat cover with safety harness
•1 x Reclining seat with supportive back rest
•1 x Removable safety bar with built in activity tray
•4 x Anti-skid rubber wheels
•2 x Stabilizers for safety
•1 x Quality storage bag