Vibrafit Vibration Belt (Open Box)

$14.95 $49.95


This high-performance vibration belt from Vibra Fit is designed to help you to tone a number of areas such as the stomach, back, arms, legs and buttocks, but can also be used on the shoulders, hips and thighs for a full-body workout. It has five levels of intensity plus manual and auto modes to provide the best flexibility in a chosen workout. Combined with an appropriate diet, it can become an effective way to lose weight.

Users can also use the belt to help relieve tension and stress, improve digestion, reduce muscle fatigue, improve blood circulation and reduce lactic acid production. The belt comes with an extension, allowing it to fit anyone no matter their fitness level. It's also lightweight and comes with a carry bag, so it's easy to store it or take it with you.

• Programmable remote control for speed and time
• Composition: flannel and polyurethane leather
• Purple
• Measures approximately 137 cm x 15 cm
• Care: immediately after use, clean using a damp cloth and mild detergent (use a weak solution of anti-bacterial washing-up liquid in warm water and a microfibre cloth), wring out the cloth so that it's just damp; be sure to unplug the belt before cleaning
• Note: Regularly check the cord/cable for damage before storing. Should the cord/cable be damaged in any way, it must only be replaced by the manufacturer or a similar qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. Regularly check the belt, but do not switch on if it appears to be damaged or operating incorrectly. Do not attempt to carry out any repair to the belt in any way, as this must in all cases be referred to a suitably qualified technician. Remove the plug when not in use
• Made in China

• Vibrafit Belt Unit
• Remote Control (attached to belt)
• Adapter
• Storage Bag
• Extension Belt
• Tape Measure
• Instruction Manual (English and French)